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🌸 Discover the Magic of Natural Beauty with Our Beetroot Lip Balm! 🌸

Say Goodbye to Dry, Chapped Lips and Hello to Soft, Luscious Smiles!


Natural beeswax, Unfiltered shea butter, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, virgin almond, extra virgin olive oil, argan oil, Beetroot extract, Rose essential oil , Vitamin E oil

No Mineral oils

No Petroleum Jelly

No Harmful Chemicals

💋 Experience the Wonder of Beetroot 💋

*Beautimania's* Lip Balm Benefits

1. 100% Ayurvedic lip balm enriched with pure extracts and essential oil , Almond oil with shea butter provide nourishment once applied

2.Gentle care for dry and chapped lips.

3.Helps in long lasting moisturization and adds a natural gloss to your lips.

3. Travel friendly packing and suitable for all age groups

4.Unisex, Herbal ,made with made with love , care and Hygeine.

5. Prevent darkening and cracking


Clean Lip Gently And Use Your Fingers To Apply The Lip Balm To Your Lips.

Herbal & Handmade -Beetroot Lip Balm - 8gm

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