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Beautimania's Cold Process Haldi Chandan Soap is manufactured using Pure Sandalwood oil and Turmeric that promotes Skin Health. The PH- of this this soap lies between 9-10 which works as a relaxant. It energizes the skin.It keeps the skin healthy by fending off the germs. Moreover, it fed the skin with fundamental supplements giving it a characteristic shine and keeps up the delicate and gracefulness of the skin. It is also useful for Skin lightening and brightening. This Ayurvedic Haldi Soap is also used for facewash. The turmeric present in it makes the skin glow.

Uses of Haldi Beautimania's Cold Process Haldi Chandan Soap

Acne And Blackhead Removal

Suntan and Pigmentation

Fairer Skin Complexion

Hair Health


Astringent Property

Weight 125gm

No sulphate

No paraben

No artificial fragrance

No mineral oil

Cold Process Haldi Chandan Soap -125gm

SKU: BM008
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